Should I Repair, Upgrade, or Replace My Fireplace?

A fireplace can add so much to a home, both aesthetically and functionally. There’s a certain level of elegance that it can add to a living room, plus it can provide warmth in the colder months. Of course, none of the benefits that come with having a fireplace in your home matter if your fireplace is in rough shape. When you find that to be the case, you might wonder whether it’s best to repair, upgrade, or replace your fireplace. Luckily for you, we have a simple guide to follow that can give you your answer.

When to Repair Your Fireplace

When the issues with your fireplace are minimal and cost-effective to fix, that’s when you should opt for a repair. However, this is also contingent on you being happy with the way your fireplace looks and functions. In other words, if everything about your fireplace is the way you want it to be and there’s just a small issue at hand, a repair is going to be your best option.

When to Upgrade Your Fireplace

Along those lines, you’ll likely want to upgrade your fireplace when you’re unhappy with the aesthetic of it but perfectly content with the way it functions. With that in mind, how can you upgrade it? It could be something as simple as adding glass doors, removing or replacing the mantle, or converting it to a gas fireplace. In other words, you could find a way to update its appearance and ensure that its design suits your tastes.

When to Replace Your Fireplace

When your fireplace isn’t living up to your standards for both aesthetics and functionality or repair costs approach or exceed half the cost of a new fireplace, that’s when it’s time to consider investing in a replacement. A new fireplace can completely elevate your home both in terms of visual appeal and comfort.

The Team You Can Trust to Install Your New Fireplace

When you decide that it’s time to replace the fireplace at your home in Maryland or Pennsylvania, there’s no better team to rely on than Miller’s Chimney & Hearth. We’re proud to install fireplaces from premium brands in the industry, all of which are sure to suit your aesthetic and functional tastes and needs. If you’re ready to have your new fireplace installed, get in touch with us today.

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