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Baltimore City, MD, can certainly experience some exceptionally cold nights in the middle of winter, so make sure your stove and fireplace are running properly. Our team at Miller’s Chimney focuses on dependable service where everyone is treated as family. We are in the business of keeping you safe and warm!

Chimney Cleaning Pros

Scheduling a chimney inspection should not be placed on the backburner. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports chimney fires being the cause for an average of 19,800 residential house fires and $126.1 million in property damage every year!

Miller’s Chimney offers both seasonal inspections in order to identify anything hazardous within or around your fireplace and chimney. The leading cause of chimney fires is from creosote buildup along the inner layer of the flue. Creosote is the product of a chemical reaction between smoke and the colder temperature inside a chimney flue. When left uncleaned, the residue with continue building upon itself preventing proper airflow and eventually catching fire. Allow our team to keep your chimney and fireplace operating reliably.

Fireplace & Stove Installation

Miller’s Chimney has the stove or fireplace best suited for your house, apartment, condo, or row house. Options range from wood and gas stoves to classic and custom designed fireplaces. For more flexibility in where a heating system can be installed in your home, pellet stoves are also available. For such small things, they can pack quite the heat. We are passionate about giving Baltimore City the serene feeling of cozying up to a warm fire. Our customers deserve nothing less than meticulous craftsmanship and a team who truly cares about a job done right.

How a Fireplace or Stove Will Benefit Your Home!

Specifically choosing gas or wood as your prime heating source comes with many benefits whether you are installing a stove or fireplace. The main value behind naturally sourced heat is being able to use them without electricity. Baltimore is no stranger to a snowstorm or heavy winds knocking out the power. By having gas or wood fueled fires, you are sure to never be caught in the cold. Depending on your specific area, natural heating sources more often then not result in decreased utility bills. Call Miller’s Chimney today to find out all the ways a fireplace or stove will bring your home a new sense of warmth.

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